Vegas Technology Casinos

Vegas Technology Casinos are amongst the oldest casinos in the industry. Vegas Technology has been around for almost a decade, and these casinos have been providing players with some of the best games online. You will find their casinos have an enormous set of games. They have had plenty of time to continue adding new games over time. This is one of the more stable pieces of casino software, as well as one of the most secure. The Vegas Technology Casinos, also known as Odds On, have long since provided players with the opportunity to play casino games in a very easy to use software.

Crazy Slots Casino

  • $12,500 In Total - (See Review)
  • Vegas Tech Casino Software
  • All USA Players Welcome
  • Over 100+ Casino Games


Vegas Tech Casinos are no longer as common as popular as they once were, but Crazy Slots Casino has been standing up against the test of time in order to provide players with the ability to partake in the games without much difficulty. Vegas Technology and Crazy Slots have worked together to offer over 100 games to their players. You will be able to collect an impressive set of bonuses to take to many of these games, including a $12,500 welcome package. Over ten deposits can collect a bonus, each of which comes as a varying size. Backed by large slots tournaments, Crazy Slots has become one of the most popular casinos using this brand of software.

Online Vegas Casino

  • $5,000 In Total - (See Review)
  • Vegas Tech Casino Software
  • All USA Players Welcome
  • Over 95+ Casino Games


Online Vegas Casino also uses the Vegas Technology casino software in order to provide players with the wide range of different games and tournaments that Vegas Technology is well known for. Online Vegas Casino has a $5,000 welcome package that is available for all new players. There are multiple codes, so see the review for more information. This bonus is just the tip of the iceberg as they also have free access to the many tournaments that are always running through their casino. Online Vegas provides their users with a new tournament every day, giving all players a chance to win more money than they could have asked for out of such low stakes.

Online Casinos
Bonus %
Bonus Codes
Play Now
Crazy Slots Casino Varies $12,500
First Bonus Automatic Play Now
Online Vegas Varies $5,000 First Bonus Automatic Play Now
Go Casino Varies $20,000 First Bonus Automatic Play Now

Vegas Tech Casino Games

When we first came to the Vegas Technology powered casinos, we were impressed by the large number of games they offer. Over 100 different games can be found in each of the Vegas Tech Casinos. They feature a huge assortment of slots, every table game imaginable, and also specialty games, video poker and more. Vegas Technology provides players with each of these games in order to deliver fun and entertainment to their players. Vegas Tech has no short supply of games, which is why we have chosen to promote these casinos. Additionally, Vegas Tech loves to run tournaments based around their most popular games. This puts a new spin on old games with head to head action for cash prizes. Also, Vegas Tech regularly gives bonuses for playing their games. Not only do you have the chance to get lucky and win, but there is an even better chance to get return bonuses for your loyalty.

Vegas Tech Casino Download

The actual client you will be using with the Vegas Technology casinos is somewhat out dated. It suffers from a few cosmetic problems that we could not ignore. First and foremost, you should know that resizing the window in which you are playing the games does not always work as you would like. The graphics can sometimes be a bit shifty, so you will occasionally have to expect some display issues. The software is small and lightweight, so you will not have to many issues on this end of the spectrum. Another thing you will encounter with the Vegas Technology casino software is the tournament format of their games. Their tournaments will allow you to play slots, video poker, and a few table games for a buy-in, giving a prize to he or she who wins the most chips. Vegas Technology has this major advantage over other types of software, as they have not successfully created tournaments like Vegas Technology.

Vegas Tech & USA Players

If you live in the United States, the Vegas Technology Casino software is not closed to you. They accept players from all over the world. From the United States to Australia, Vegas Technology casinos are open for you to enjoy. You may want to remember, however, that it could be illegal for you to play the games, despite these casinos accepting your dollar. One thing you need to keep in mind is to check with your jurisdiction in order to determine whether or not the games are legal for you to play. In most cases, the only thing that will limit players are the legal gambling ages. These are to be adhered to as withdrawals have been denied to those not meeting it.

Vegas Tech Safety & Security

Since Vegas Technology Casinos have had plenty of time to augment their software, you will find that the security measures of the Vegas Technology casinos are enormous. The Vegas Technology software provides their players with high levels of encryption in order to protect their players. When we tested the Vegas Technology Casinos, we found that they use encryption, secure payment processors and foolproof connections in order to make certain their players will not be subjected to data thievery or hacking. When we came to the Vegas Technology online casinos, we found nothing but impregnable security measures.


New Casino Games

"It's A Mystery" Debuting At RTG Online Casinos

This new mystery themed slots game is taking RTG casinos by storm. For one, it has a Guaranteed Feature that is certain to pop up once in at least every 150 spins. Unlike other Feature based slots which have no guarantee to when or if you'll ever see the feature game, It's A Mystery takes the mystery out of the feature games.

Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
Coins: 5 Coin Max

Rival Online Casinos Adding New i-Slot, "Spy Game" To Repertoire

Rival online casinos have long been known for innovative slots games and now that Spy Game has been released, the action gets even better. This slot has a James Bond theme with all kinds of action and espionage symbols which pay out big time. Feature games include a sniper shooting exercise, and defusing an explosive device.

Reels: 5
Paylines: 15
Coins: 5 Coin Max

Microgaming Adds "Planet Exotica" To Gaming Roster

Though Microgaming casinos aren't for USA players, they still have online slots themed in the American style, just like their newest slot, Planet Exotica. This new Microgaming slot game features extra-terrestrial female, and dude strippers that would even make the best adult entertainers on Earth jealous. This game can only be found on Microgaming casinos.

Reels: 5
Paylines: 15
Coins: 3 Coin Max

Go Casino: Multiple - $20K

Yes, that is right. Go Casino has bonuses worth up to $20,000. These come over the course of the first 20 deposits made at Go Casino. Since each bonus has it's own unique code, you should visit the casino to make sure you have the right one before deposit.

Visit Go Casino