eCogra Approved Casinos

A non-profit group named eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance oversees complaints and issue surrounding many online casinos. Their name has led to the eCOGRA approved casinos being labeled some of the safest and best online casinos. You will see that the eCOGRA casinos are held to the highest standards possible, meaning that you never have too contend with rogue casinos, casinos that will steal from you, or any trouble of that nature. These casinos are amongst the most trusted, as they have to adhere to the strict rules and regulations laid out by the eCOGRA group. under no circumstances will you have to contend with being ripped off, scammed, or cheated, as eCOGRA will not allow this to happen. In fact, their number one goal is to protect consumers and players, with most dispute settlement requests ending in favor of the player.

Grand Hotel Casino

  • 100% To $150 (No Code Needed)
  • Microgaming Casino Software
  • No USA Players Allowed Here
  • Over 480+ Casino Games


Grand Hotel Casino is one of the Microgaming casinos, and subsequently one of the eCOGRA casinos. Through Grand Hotel you will be able to participate in some of the safest games, all provided by the eCOGRA certified Microgaming software. Grand Hotel provides players with a large series of deposit bonuses, totaling at up to $5,560 in free cash. They not only have a no deposit bonus, but they also have multiple deposit bonuses awaiting their users. Grand Hotel Casino has over 400 games, some of the best customer service online, and more deposit methods than one could ever need.

Colosseum Casino

  • 100% To $150 (No Code Needed)
  • Microgaming Casino Software
  • No USA Players Allowed Here
  • Over 475+ Casino Games


Colosseum Casino is another of the eCOGRA certified casinos. Colosseum Casino was designed at the height of Roman fashion, delivering an Italian masterpiece of a casino. They have some of the best bonuses available, including a $1,000 happy hour. This bonus gives you an hour and $1,000 dollars to play with. Any money you earn past $20 is yours to keep as bonus bucks in the casino. With dozens of deposit methods available, Colosseum Casino is one of the easiest casinos to fund, enjoy, and play games with all their great bonus packages.

eCogra Casinos
Bonus %
Bonus Codes
Play Now
Grand Hotel Casino 100% $150 None Needed Play Now
Colosseum Casino 100% $150 None Needed Play Now
Vegas Slot Casino 100% $200 None Needed Play Now
Vegas Country Casino 100% $120 None Needed Play Now
All Slots Casino 100% $200 None Needed Play Now
Vegas 7 Casino 100% $150 None Needed Play Now
Vegas Joker Casino 100% $150 None Needed Play Now

Microgaming & eCogra Sites

The casinos approved by eCogra are typically only available in one brand of software. The Microgaming Casinos are those that most commonly receive the eCOGRA seal of approval. This comes as a sad point for USA gamblers, as Microgaming is not currently in the American market. Those who want to enjoy the games may do so in any of the Microgaming casinos, as just about every single Microgaming Casino is certified by eCOGRA. No other casinos have receive the eCOGRA seal of approval as often as those powered by Microgaming. When you stick to the Microgaming software, you will be able playing with some of the most trusted gaming centers online.

eCogra Casino Requirements

There are several requirements for the eCOGRA seal of approval. The casinos that receive this rating must pay legitimate and fair payouts according to a certain rate, not steal from their users, and provide nothing but the best possible service. All payments and transactions must be effectuated safely and securely. All of the eCOGRA casinos are also protected by dispute settlement, which is one of the best reasons to choose eCOGRA trusted casinos. If you ever encounter any issues with the casino you are joining, eCOGRA will help you and the casino come to an agreement. Consider it a safety net in the event that you need help through a casino.


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