Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming Casinos are powered by what is recognized as the oldest brand of casino software around. Microgaming has been around since the mid 90's, and provides players with what has become the most advanced piece of software on the market. When you consider the length of time they have had to augment their software, it makes sense that they have a list of games that numbers in the hundreds. Through Microgaming's software you are met with powerful graphics and a wide range of choices that cannot be rivaled by the number of games found in two or three other brands of casino software. This is the best choices you could make in the world of online casinos, but only if you live outside of the United States.

Grand Hotel Casino

  • 100% To $150 (No Code Needed)
  • Microgaming Casino Software
  • No USA Players Allowed Here
  • Over 480+ Casino Games


Microgaming's Grand Hotel Casino is one of the best under this software. Grand Hotel offers their players a huge welcome package, which starts with a free $10 welcome bonus. They then have three main deposit bonuses of varying sizes, followed by their weekly bonus of $100 for the first 52 weeks in which you are a member. Over 480 games are readily available to be played, powered by the enormous power of this software. Deposit options are many and various, and you will find that nearly every e-wallet is available through Grand Hotel.

Colosseum Casino

  • 100% To $150 (No Code Needed)
  • Microgaming Casino Software
  • No USA Players Allowed Here
  • Over 475+ Casino Games


Colosseum Casino is one of our favorites because of the $1,000 Happy Hour that they offer in the beginning. They give their players this free $1,000, and any money you can make off of it beyond the first $20 is yours to keep. You can only receive this bonus once, and you will have to play through it as soon as you join - so set your hour aside. This bonus precedes a few deposit bonuses, including an unlimited $500 bonus that never goes away. Over 480 games are available, as are a wide range of deposit methods from credit cards to bank options.

Online Casinos
Bonus %
Bonus Codes
Play Now
Grand Hotel Casino 100% $150 None Needed Play Now
Colosseum Casino 100% $150 None Needed Play Now
Vegas Slot Casino 100% $200 None Needed Play Now
Vegas Country Casino 100% $120 None Needed Play Now
All Slots Casino 100% $200 None Needed Play Now
Vegas 7 Casino 100% $150 None Needed Play Now
Vegas Joker Casino 100% $150 None Needed Play Now

Microgaming Casino Games

There is no brand of casino software that carries as many games as Microgaming. Each of the Microgaming powered casinos has over 400 games, with a larger range of slots than any other casino. Their games even have licenses from some of the biggest media companies in the word, bringing Tomb Raider, Hellboy, the Hitman franchise and more in order to deliver some of the most exciting slot games on the market. Microgaming's table games cover every major game found in a casino, encompassing blackjack and roulette all the way down to different forms of poker and other games. With over 450 games, there is no short supply of entertainment to be had through the Microgaming online casinos.

Microgaming Client Download

Microgaming's software is quick to download and easy to use. When you get the Microgaming casino software, you will be downloading an application that comes with a very small amount of games. You can add more games as time goes buy in order to increase your library. Each game can be downloaded quickly. The software is generally colorful without being distracting, thus very easy to use. Their software takes up very little space on your hard drive, even with all of the games built in. Lightweight and fast, the software is very responsive on even the oldest of computers. A five minute download will get you started, and most games can be added in a matter of minutes.This is useful with the enormous amount of games.

Why No Microgaming In USA?

The one bad thing about Microgaming is that not all nations have access to their software. The legal climate in the United States has changed, and Microgaming has since been forced out of that market. If you live in the USA, you will not have access to their games. Microgaming is in almost full compliance with the laws of every nation around the world. If online gambling is illegal in your nation, then you cannot join the Microgaming casinos. The United States is the primary nation which has not been allowed to join in on the games provided by Microgaming.

Microgaming Casino Security

In each of the Microgaming casinos, safety is a major concern for the operators.They employ a wide range of different safety features in order to prevent damages to the player. Every Microgaming casino has been approved of by the eCOGRA software, and each of them is held to a very high code of standards. The Microgaming casinos are not allowed to fall below the standards that are in place. Enormous levels of encryption, secure payment processors and full control is held over the banking measures that are in place through each of the Microgaming online casinos.


New Casino Games

"It's A Mystery" Debuting At RTG Online Casinos

This new mystery themed slots game is taking RTG casinos by storm. For one, it has a Guaranteed Feature that is certain to pop up once in at least every 150 spins. Unlike other Feature based slots which have no guarantee to when or if you'll ever see the feature game, It's A Mystery takes the mystery out of the feature games.

Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
Coins: 5 Coin Max

Rival Online Casinos Adding New i-Slot, "Spy Game" To Repertoire

Rival online casinos have long been known for innovative slots games and now that Spy Game has been released, the action gets even better. This slot has a James Bond theme with all kinds of action and espionage symbols which pay out big time. Feature games include a sniper shooting exercise, and defusing an explosive device.

Reels: 5
Paylines: 15
Coins: 5 Coin Max

Microgaming Adds "Planet Exotica" To Gaming Roster

Though Microgaming casinos aren't for USA players, they still have online slots themed in the American style, just like their newest slot, Planet Exotica. This new Microgaming slot game features extra-terrestrial female, and dude strippers that would even make the best adult entertainers on Earth jealous. This game can only be found on Microgaming casinos.

Reels: 5
Paylines: 15
Coins: 3 Coin Max

All Slots: 100% - $200

All Slots is a leading Microgaming online casino and has garnered the favor of the professor. Furthermore, All Slots Casino features a 100% matching deposit bonus good to $200 on the first deposit. This is the first part of a greater $5,000 package of bonuses.

Visit All Slots Casino