Online Craps

While the live version of craps generally takes place at a busy table surrounded by people, online craps is quiet and easy to mange. It is even easier to play, as the casino software handles all the rules surrounding this game. While craps may be somewhat intimidating up front, it is actually a fairly easy game to learn. You will have to pay careful attention to the different bet types in order to keep up with the game. You will see that every vet type is carefully explained in the online version of craps. Provided you take it slow and keep your eyes on where the wagers are going, you should not have to worry about much more than having fun and enjoying the excitement found at the best online casinos for playing craps.

Bodog Casino

  • 10% Unlimited Match Bonus
  • RTG Casino Software
  • All USA Players Accepted
  • Over 90+ Casino Games


Bodog is one of the best places for you to play craps online. You will see that online craps with Bodog is far superior to any other version of the game. Online craps through Bodog uses the RTG software, which guarantees quality. Bodog is even one of the only casinos that will allow their bonus to used on craps. You will not be able to use the bonus on the pass or don't pass bet, but it can still be used on the other proposition bets on the table. Bodog offers a 10% unlimited match bonus, which can be collected on your first deposit. Bodog is one of the world's most renowned casinos, which has been built on the RTG software in order to provide an easy gaming experience to those who join the service.

WinPalace Casino

  • No Bonuses For Playing Craps
  • RTG Casino Software
  • All USA Players Accepted
  • Over 100+ Casino Games


Those looking for a fair game of craps will want to turn to WinPalace Casino for a solid entertainment opportunity. Online craps through WinPalace Casino comes with a wide range of different options . You will see that WinPalace uses the RTG software in order to provide their players with some of the easiest gaming possible. You will be able to roll the dice with the click of a button, while placing bets is just as easy. WinPalace has given their players the opportunity to deposit with a variety of methods, including VISA, MasterCard, Gold-Pay, UseMyWallet and more. Almost every deposit method can be used for withdrawals. Regardless of which route you take, transactions should move quick and easy.

Online Casinos
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Bodog Casino 10% Unlimited None Needed Play Now
WinPalace Casino No Craps Bonus None For Craps Play Now
Slots Jungle Casino No Craps Bonus None For Craps Play Now
Casino Titan No Craps Bonus None For Craps Play Now
Las Vegas USA No Craps Bonus None For Craps Play Now
Cherry Red Casino No Craps Bonus None For Craps Play Now
Golden Cherry No Craps Bonus None For Craps Play Now
Crazy Slots Casino No Craps Bonus None For Craps Play Now
Intertops Casino No Craps Bonus None For Craps Play Now
Superior Casino No Craps Bonus None For Craps Play Now
Mayflower Casino No Craps Bonus None For Craps Play Now
Sloto Cash Casino No Craps Bonus None For Craps Play Now

How Craps Are Played Online

Learning how to play craps is somewhat difficult to most players. You will see that craps is one of the more confusing games on the ballot. Craps has a large number of different betting types, almost akin to sports betting. Online craps has made it so you will not have to learn too much about the games, considering the fact that the software handles all of the bets on the back end. The simple bet is the "pass line" bet, which will allow you to place a wager on on whether or not a 7 or 11 will come up first. You can win even if 7 or 11 does not show up on the first bet, but it becomes a little more complicated. If a 2, 3, or 12 shows up on the first roll, you lose automatically. If you receive anything other than these five numbers, you will set a point. The point must be rolled before a 7 or 11 is rolled again, otherwise your bet loses. This is the most basic bet in craps, and the most advisable bet for those unsure of what to bet.

Using Strategy In Craps

Craps in a live casino is generally a social game, but there are a few advantages to playing on your own. If you stick to craps online, you will not have to worry about the social constraints that surround the game of craps. For instance, betting on the "don't pass" betting line is essentially betting against those who wager on the "pass" line. You also don't have to worry about rolling technique, as the software covers all of the basic necessities. Keep a few things in mind before you actually start to place wagers, particularly the fact that rolling a 7 is more likely than any other number. There are more combinations for rolling a 7 than any other number. The Pass and Don't Pass wagers both pay even money, so in reality the Pass line is actually somewhat easier to land than the don't pass line. Rolling a 2, 3, or six is ultimately less likely to happen than a 7 or 11. You will probably also want to eventually learn prop bets, but standard wagers are easiest in Internet craps.


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